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So you’re black we don’t really care, just stop being a jerk

Years ago a family member got involved in an inter-racial relationship with a black man. He would swear up and down that we disliked him because of his color. My family being the deranged individuals we are… We wondered what was the big thing about being black. So you’re black we don’t really care, just stop being a jerk., we’re all colored in some fashion. Our grievance with him was not because he was black but because he was stupid…and proceeded to point out other stupid features of his personality. Upon hearing this news he was happy and felt part of the family

I was invited for dinner yesterday and didn’t eat.

I was invited for dinner yesterday and didn’t eat. A friend and her mate were talking about the possibility of hitting the lottery. She said her life wouldn’t change and she would stay in this area. Her mate made plans for moving to the beach where he could dock his boat and get a much bigger house. “I’m not going to clean both houses and I’m not going to clean after you,” she said ” I have enough work here and I’m not going to quit my job”. Her voice became enraged with anger. Her mate implied he would leave her to live at the beach and she could visit whenever she wanted. ” I’ll bet you have a girlfriend down the beach” she said as she picked up her drink and threw it at him. The mate stood up and started throwing food everywhere in a fit of anger. When dishes started to fly I walked away to the other room. After 15 minutes of fighting and arguing she admitted that she forgot to play their numbers…

Would you be honest with your spouse?

An associate of mine recently did a bad thing He is married with children for 3 decades, He recently demonstrated infidelity by approaching another for an interlude without telling his wife. I know she will never know about this and he would never tell her. Apparently the guilt doesn’t bother him. I think this is disrespectful to his wife.